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Unsure if Mentoring is right for You? 

Read on ...  I'll give you honest and open answers to some of your niggling concerns

How I can help you overcome your stumbling blocks

My unique Mentoring style helps overcome the thoughts that keep you from even starting.  You might even interpret this as me giving you reasons not to, but what I'm giving you here is my truth. I want so much for this to be a brilliant decision for you as you move into your life of new possibilities and towards your fullest potential.

I Believe in the Power and the Beauty of Your Dreams (C) Sally Canning
If you feel you are ready to embrace and expand your possibilities and we are a good fit I'll sure as heck bend over backward to help you and guide you.  I will become your partner creating a powerful alliance, closing the gap between you “thinking about doing” and “actually doing”. I'll structure and make ‘do-able’ in small, manageable steps the visions and aspirations you are striving for and work with you using Energy Techniques to deal with the emotional 'crap' (excuse the French) to leap frog you forward. 

You'll have my undivided attention as we explore your vision, your situation, values and beliefs. I'll encourage you to maintain motivation and commitment whilst overcoming any barriers or setbacks which may come up. Although I may challenge you through constructive and unbiased feedback, I'll give you guidance and alternatives, but I will never tell you what to do.

I will believe in you 100% as we work towards positive outcomes. I weave warmth, fun, interest and compassion into our work together. I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned when I’ve been stuck, and guide you as you begin the most rewarding journey of all – towards stepping into your light, the reality of who you really are. You too can be independent and strong, without losing a sense of fun. I made life-changing decisions for myself, creating a fulfilling life with work I am passionate about and warm friendships and lasting relationships. I built my confidence and self esteem and I can help you to do it too!

However, Mentoring is not for the faint hearted – It is an expansive, loving, supportive process that can and will change your life if you embrace the process and allow it to, if you do the work and if you are as committed to your success as I am to you right from the start so here are some guidelines:

  • You have to be honest with yourself but also remember that I am here to keep you on track when you feel like you're overwhelmed by life and likely to want to curl up into a ball and hide.  We all do it.  Me too sometimes.

  • If you have difficulty honouring the commitments you make to yourself and others – are likely to dilly dally around, are fearful of decisions and dipping your toe in the water, I can and will help you find the courage, and I will hold you accountable - that's a really important part of the process.

  • If you have a tendency to be negative, complain or blame others for your results, or refuse to take responsibility for what you don’t accomplish I will most certainly challenge your thinking and invite you to explore more positive ways of looking at situations.

  • I used to base what I bought on what it cost.  Now I base it on what I AM WORTH. What's it worth to change your life?  If you have issues with stepping up to the financial commitment that this kind of transformational investment involves we can work on your beliefs and fears to overcome those objections.  Only you will know if it's a possibility.  I know for myself and many of my clients that the biggest leaps forward have been made at times when I and they have thought that it was realistically almost impossible and it has taken a great leap of faith to make it happen. Mentoring requires that we are prepared to review and recognize the value of the energy exchange that takes place during this kind of metamorphosis.  It's amazing, believe me!

  • Do you have trouble making up your mind and need to have your hand held every step of the way?  Hmmm, I am going to ask you to be decisive and stand on your own two feet.  Mentoring is not about holding your hand or believing your stories, its about gently leading you into what may be unknown territory with support and you can explore and fulfill your potential.

  • When faced with the thought of Mentoring is there a part of you that's content to stay where you are – in the discomfort of your comfort zone - or are you at a point where that is no longer an option?  That's the ideal place to be.

  • Are you ready to get serious about the work we do together?  I do hope so.  Approach our time together from a fun and positive point of view and even the things you would normally have though way beyond your reach will be inspiring and attainable.

       I have a saying - “How you do Anything is how you do Everything … “ 

       My intention for you is that everything you do from here on in is going to be a-m-a-zing.


       I'm ready?  Are you? 

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"You facilitate moving upwards, onwards, some small steps, some not so small; to people who are open minded, forward looking and feeling ready, and brave enough to take the next steps, whatever they may be.

You made me be accountable, and you have helped me to work out what is stopping me from getting on, and found ways to work through it.

Working with you is safe but stretches a person, all at the same time."

Sue Wicks.  Quilt Artist at Looby Lilac,  Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 

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