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The Sky's The Limit

"Anything is Possible" 

12 Month Luxury *ELITE* Diamond Program

V.I.P. Exclusivity for YOU ...

The Best is Yet To Come!
I have created this year long Mentoring *ELITE* Diamond Program to nurture you and enable you to rewrite and live your own story, to shine brightly and live the one you choose for yourself rather than the one you have been assigned - you know the one you've been living through or for other people. Supporting you in my heart centered way allows you to let go of those stories you have been telling yourself and to the world and encourages you to discover your own unique truth.

We are going to uncover strengths and gifts you may never have previously have dreamed of. And to make it a really special experience I'm going to spoil you like mad. I'll give you LOTs of personal access to me by phone, Skype and email, I'll build relaxation techniques into your program and show you how to build that much needed time into your day, even if you have a busy schedule - and when we meet up in person it will be in gorgeous surroundings that will nourish your soul.

                             I am so delighted you found your way here

It's no coincidence of course - I know for sure that you are Special.

You are Special enough to know instinctively that you can stretch your wings further - You just need the right support

You are Special enough to be seeking the highest level of Personal, Emotional and Spiritual guidance I can offer.

You are Special enough to indulge in VIP treatment 

You are Special enough to receive all the nurturing support I can give to Enable and Empower you on a luxurious journey of Personal Discovery

    You are Special enough to embrace an all encompassing exploration that will result in you having feelings of:

  •    Certainty - Being totally comfortable in your own skin
  •    Stability - Knowing you're in exactly the right place for you
  •    Authenticity - Standing in your own truth with a firm assurance of who you you are rather than being a victim of the stories you've told and believed for most of your life
  •    Integrity - with your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions in alignment
  •    Shining from the inside out - beaming with confidence

     Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that YOU Are Special

'Working with you has been a journey, with powerful impact affecting every facet of my life, from my personal relationships to my work relationships and with huge fundamental impacts on my future.'

‘If you feel that you need to start your journey, perhaps need to visit old paths to move forwards and/or want to pave the way for exciting news ones; you need Sally. She will open your eyes & heighten your awareness in ways which you can’t imagine.’

'I can not measure the value of this without doing you a disservice.'

Lizzie Jordan,  Marketing Manager, Lincolnshire

A Touch of Luxury

This Elite Program expands upon everything you could wish to achieve in the
"Dare To Be YOU!"
6 month Program.

We dive way deeeeeeper - because we have the time, and because it will enable you to soar way higher

Reach For Your Dreams 12 Month ELITE Mentorng Package
  You have so much more personal face to face contact, communication and support

  We're going to meet initially for a whole day, including a gorgeous lunch at a luxury venue

  On two occasions during the year I'm going to ensure that you relax and indulge your senses at a beautiful Spa where you'll have overnight accommodation and gorgeous food to titillate your taste buds

  We're going to have three 60 minute calls a month* by Skype for 10 calendar months 
*we have two calls on the months where we meet in person

  You'll appreciate below the huge benefits and extra goodness included in this package

  And when our twelve month together draws to a close we'll spend another full day together in a beautiful location to draw all the strands together, to look at how far you have spread your wings, and to explore your next steps

'The Sky's The Limit'

A Whole 12 Months

  Where you're going to discover what it is you love
Many of us have no idea what lights us up or fills us with passion we are so used to living up/or down to other peoples' expectations.

  You are going to make the perfect choices for you based on your own deep inner knowings
I encourage you and give you permission to drop the 'selfish' labels, go inside and explore what is best for YOU.

  You'll learn to trust yourself and your own decisions
Following your own inner guidance and creating your own rules can be so much fun

  You''ll find your own voice and speak up for yourself in ways you never dared or dreamed of 

  We're going to expose "The Writings on Your Walls" - the hand me down messages that don't even belong to you.  You'll be able to rub them out and replace them with your own authentic ideas and songs

  You're going to stare your fears squarely in the eyes, even the cunning subtle ones.  With energy techniques we'll eliminate the pesky gremlins that have subtly stalked and sabotaged your previous efforts and in doing so raise your self esteem to levels where you can excitedly grasp life with both hands


"For anyone who has spent years reading self help books, had counselling and / or relied upon medication to survive and is still struggling – work with Sally.

It’s like I’ve been woken up from a long sleep and now have permission to be my own creation, no-one else’s."
Marion Beloe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire




I'll inspire you to:

 Relinquish your story of surviving and transform it into a thriving experience

  Stand in your own power. You'll develop confidence in who you are and assert yourself with clarity and grace

  Free your spirit.  Take flight and feel much freer and joyful in the world

  Recognise how your thoughts and feelings affect you physically.  How swallowing anger and fear can create disharmony and even chronic illness

  Emerge from the identity your story has imposed upon you

  Let go of toxic people

  Regain your identity

  Reconnect with who you are so that you don't have to seek the approval of others to authenticate your existence

  Emerge from behind your veil of invisibility.  I will be your mirror.  Discover the beauty of who you are

  Have the courage to be fully seen for the magnificent women you are and celebrate her triumphs

"You never judged me, no matter what I said, or how I reacted to different situations.
I had decided I did not want the next 10 years to be like the last 10 and I’m now seeing life in a different light.

I did not know quite what to expect, but this is more than I realised it was going to be.
This has changed so much, it’s unbelievable."
Sue C, Essex

You've come this far and Now ....

  • Life may not always have been easy, you've already proved that can you survive, you are in fact a courageous thriver. Now you're ready to elevate your understanding of who you are to places your current efforts just can’t take you. You appreciate the support and encouragement you've received along the way.  You've read the books, listened to the CDs, done a lot of your own inner work - Now it's your time to step up, reach out and flourish 
  • Now is the moment for you to commit and make what could be the best investment of your life so far
  • If you are willing to embrace this work, your life will be transformed forever. YOU are the one in charge of how much you achieve.  I will work with you to fully, deeply and gracefully appreciate the truth of who YOU are
  • I will ensure that you develop a comfortable familiarity with Meridian Energy Techniques so that you can utilize these tools in your own transformation and if you choose as a Practitioner working with family, friends, clients
  • I'll help you find a sense of coming home to yourself.  To live more comfortably in your life and your body.

How am I going to guide and accompany you through your

Journey of Transformation?

Jill and Helen in the bubble pool at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire during their Spa Day Experience

Here's what your Luxury Package includes:

Four exciting productive days working together In Person, two of which will give you the opportunity to indulge in a luxurious Spa experience plus overnight accommodation.

You're going to get Twenty sessions where we'll explore your challenges, your hopes, dreams, blocks to achieving your potential, shifting old 'stuff', the limiting beliefs that hold you back, fears, phobias, past traumas, and whatever else you wish to bring to the table take place by Skype or telephone.

I will keep you accountable with weekly 'Sunday Reviews' throughout the year

We'll spread our time together in the most flexible way over 12 months that considers time for your holidays, breaks and commitments - And here's how we're going to do it:

  • Month 1
       We'll spend time our first VIP Day getting acquainted and then we'll spend our
       First full day at a luxury venue with lunch

       2 x 60 minute recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Months 2&3
        3 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Month 4
     VIP Day together plus Spa and overnight stay
        2 x 60 minute recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Months 5
        3 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Month 6
        1 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Session by phone or Skype to allow for Holiday Breaks/Vacations*

        * Email/telephone and weekly accountability support remains available during these periods

  • Month 7
      VIP Day together plus Spa and overnight stay
        2 x 60 minute recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Months 8&9
        3 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Month 10
       1 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Session by phone or Skype to allow for Holiday Breaks/Vacations*

       * Email/telephone and weekly accountability support remains available during these periods

  • Month 11
        2 x 60 minute recorded Mentoring Sessions by phone or Skype

  • Month 12
        1 x 60 min recorded Mentoring Session by phone or Skype
        Final VIP Day together at luxury venue with lunch

What else .... ?

You will receive copies of any new eBooks and products as they are created during our time together, plus my
eWORKSHOP IN A BOX  'How Does Your Garden Grow'
Value £67.00

In addition I will gift you with a beautiful Hard Back copy of my Special Limited Edition

Creative Journaling Play Book
"Remember Who YOU Are"
with an accompanying Journal/Sketchbook and
"Time for Me" Recordings    Value £147.00

   Guest access to my Creative Workshops and Events

   Practitioner Training for Emotional Freedom Technique if desired

   The gift of my eBooks and recordings and future ones as and when they are produced

   Unlimited Email support plus pre arranged telephone support as and when required

   Weekly Accountability 
       I'm definitely gonna keep you on track 
       I'll respond with helpful comments, suggestions and encouraging insights

   Reading Recommendations

  Recordings and Meditations

   My total commitment, expertise and experience

'The Sky's The Limit'

Really is for the limited few


Let's face it a Program like this necessitates a great deal in terms of commitment from both of us

It requires significant personal and financial investment on your part and can only be undertaken by those who are in the right place, who have determination, and the steadfast desire to make huge lasting changes in their lives - and let me tell you - that can be a scary prospect at times.  I have clients who say "Bring it on", and others who wobble when the going gets tough

I don't ask you to be full of grit and bravado - all I require is that should you decide this is the right path for you then you trust me to accompany you through the uncomfortable periods  -  Usually those are the times of your biggest breakthroughs and personal growth

Remember - this is what I do best, it's what I'm passionate about.  I have a proven track record and together we CAN create transformation in your life

This is your Golden Opportunity to be immersed in a process of deepening into a sense of your own Inner Truth and Happiness in a whole new way

You will feel fully nurtured and supported in rewriting your new life story and in making it happen

My greatest gifts include creating and holding a deeply nourishing space for you and identifying your Potential for you to safely explore the nature of your inner being

Using rapid, highly effective, tried and trusted techniques (I've been doing this for a long time), we will clear past traumas and limiting beliefs that have held you stuck and address any disruptive emotions as they arise.

This work is without doubt Transformational


  Give yourself whole heartedly to this process and I guarantee you are going to experience huge changes


 It really is up to YOU


If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done

This is your chance to DO just that - To GRAB the opportunity - And to UPLEVEL your whole big bold beautiful purpose.

Investing in yourself at this higher level and working with me in this way is going to bring you bigger transformations

If you've been trying to figure it out on your own and have been going around in circles getting nowhere fast

- if you are longing for unwavering support and accountability

- if you know in your heart it's time you took action to make this happen

and, because you know in your heart the timing is perfect

Let's do this!

Let's talk about making this happen for you

Get in touch

Let's get together on the phone, lets arrange to meet if possible, if not we can connect on Skype

Let's talk about how, when and if we're going to make this happen

Let's see if we're a good fit for one another - it's crucial to feel comfortable and safe - for both of us!

I can’t wait to hear from you

With love

Sally Canning is known as a Catalyst for Women's Personal Growth and Transformation. She is committed to helping you find more strength, flexibility and happiness in your personal and professional life.
Sally has worked with hundreds of women in private practice, both nationally and internationally, in addition to her popular trainings, events and retreats - where she teaches people to connect with their inner passions and achieve a greater sense of who they really are.

After many years of teaching creative arts and textiles and laterly personal development Sally took a leap of faith to live life on her terms to encourage other women to embrace their dreams.

You'll love the transformation you'll experience in Sally's Mentoring Programs to help you quickly reconcile the past, live more fully in the present and create a better future. She will literally help you Spread Your Wings and Fly.

You can contact Sally at
Tel: 01777 870 499 / 0779 272 8979