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  'Take to the Skies'

A 6 Month Platinum Mentoring Program

For Women Entrepreneurs

If you have been silenced by the past it's time for you to be Seen, Heard and Honoured.

Let me Guide and Inspire you to fulfill the Potential of who you really are
and create the success you are truly capable of.

When you are ready to expand and express yourself, your business and your life I encourage you to spread your wings and embrace your dreams by working with me as your Mentor to guide and accompany you as you move towards success creating a firm foundation on which to build your thriving practice.

The work we do together will have far reaching effects.  It will influence your whole life.  I have designed it to plant seeds in your consciousness that may not even bloom during our time together - you are going to reap the benefits many months and years ahead.  Your life will change, it has to, it's all about cause and effect - what goes around comes around you get out what you put in ... and
so much more.

Let me encourage you to explore the potential of the hopes, dreams and aspiration that reside within you.  Combined with proven Relationship Marketing techniques and systems you will discover what is needed to achieve the success you desire and then prepare for a transformational journey.  When your desire and opportunity come together... you will witness your future path unfolding! Success is within your reach. Enjoy the journey!

This Platinum Program is Perfect for You if:

You're a savvy lady who's passionate and determined to touch people's lives and make a difference in the world through your work.

This Program is specifically designed for you if you are in a Creative field or of a Creative disposition looking for a feminine process to enhancing your personal and business growth.  It's for you if you are a Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Holistic/Energy Practitioner - a woman who is ready to take yourself and your business to the next level using a proven formula of heart centered marketing and Energy Techniques.

It's also for you if:

You are just starting out in your business

  You are running your business part-time

  You are ready to make the transition from the day job into a new business

  You've been in business on your lonesome for a while now 

  You have reached a place of wanting to take the next step but can't for the life of you work out how to do it 

 You want to know how to build your list of and touch more people

 You want to create a steady stream of ideal clients

 You want to authentically charge what you're worth and get it

  You want to step up and out of the place of playing small

  You want to let go of confusion and overwhelm to really focused on your dreams and intentions

 You want to create a clear plan and put systems in place to generate a great income

 You want to work 1-on-1 on the limiting beliefs and outdated mindsets that keep you stuck

  You know you're undoubtedly ready and you are still nervous about taking the leap

  Making the investment is a scary prospect and yet you somehow know it's your inevitable next step

You may even have feelings of excitement and fright, all mixed up together, at the prospect of taking this step.

The World's Your Oyster


Sally Canning. The World's Your Oyster from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

inspirational Women Entrepreneurs making a real difference in the world

Lizzie - Marketing Consultant:   Julie - Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire:    Kathy - Weight Management Consultant:
Sarah - Textile Artist:   Melanie - Equestrian Trainer:  and Mel on the cusp of launching her Energy career
The world truly is your oyster when you allow yourself to believe in the strength and the beauty of who you are

I'll take you by the hand and help you

Break through Procrastination

Money issues

Self Doubt

Let go of self imposed limitations

Step into your Personal Power and Shine

"Our work together has encompassed my business aspirations/needs and my emotional issues. After all, they are thoroughly interlinked.

You have such a holistic approach that I have felt able to be completely open, honest and vulnerable with you.

You made me be accountable, and you have helped me to work out what is stopping me from getting on, and found ways to work through it."

Sue Wicks,  Quilt Artist at Looby Lilac,  Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 


Would you like to ... ?

  •  Dispel self-limiting beliefs, feelings, thoughts, stories
  •  Actually believe in your own self-worth and stand in your personal power
  •  Value your time, energy, and expertise
  •  Express what it is you do with absolute clarity
  •  Reconcile past mistakes to create a better future 
  •  Align your work with your passion
  •  Connect with your intuition and inspiration
  •  Navigate life's challenges with confidence
  •  Create a life and business to be proud of
  •  Embrace expansive money mindsets
  •  Recognise your own value and command higher fees with ease and confidence
  •  Thrive whilst offering the work you love to those you are meant to serve
  •  Feel passionate and alive making an abundant living doing what you love
  •  Celebrate your strengths and accomplishments

"Working with you has been a journey, with powerful impact affecting every facet of my life, from my personal relationships to my work relationships and with huge fundamental impacts on my future.

You have quite simply opened my eyes to new experiences, enabled me to be aware of my feelings & my behaviour in a way in which I have never experienced prior to work with you."

“You have supported me and celebrated my triumphs, big and small. I will be forever grateful for the time I spend with you.”

Lizzie Jordan Gainsborough, Lincolnshire  


Sarah's Story - Dropping the Masks from Sally Canning on Vimeo.


'Take to the Skies'

has been

Created Exclusively for you ...

Because you are unique and special I have designed this Program in a way that molds perfectly to you.  Of course there's lots of structure and yet we are able to be as fluid as we need to be with supporting materials tailored especially for you.

  During our time together you will receive unparalleled levels of support.

  I'll do this by working with you in the most flexible way, by Skype, by telephone or in person in 1:1 sessions for 1 hour.

  We’ll have three 60 minute meetings (virtual or in person) per calendar month in order to give you time to implement and assimilate the work we’ll be doing together.

  You will also have email access to me in between our sessions for any questions that may arise 10 – 5pm Monday to Saturday and if required by phone at a mutually agreeable time.

  We’ll begin by spending a VIP Day together to explore where you are now, where you wish to be, and what it is you truly wish to accomplish, and take action to get you off to a flying start. We'll get together in a gorgeous venue for our second VIP day for planning and reflection as and when the time is appropriate.

  In addition to working with the foundations of creating your Practice, we will consider what changes need to be made and implemented on a personal level to support the desired transformation.

  I'll send you either by download or hard copies by post, useful recorded information - for example, tapping recordings and meditations and you will receive supporting homework exercises.

"Remember Who YOU Are" Creative Journaling Play Book                                                                                                    
You will receive copies of any new eBooks and products as they are created during our time together, plus my


' How Does Your Garden Grow'

Value £67.00

In addition I will gift you with a beautiful Hard Back copy of my Special Limited Edition

Creative Journaling Play Book
"Remember Who YOU Are"
with an accompanying Journal/Sketchbook and "Time for Me" Recordings
Value £147.00   

“You really do help me to open my eyes and I feel empowered and inspired.
I feel investment in mentoring with you is one of the best decisions in my life"

"Just today i was thinking again what a blessing it was that you worked with me!
I'm in totally different place now, mentally, energetically emotionally.
So i just wanted to say THANK YOU again!"

Inga Krastina, Leicester

Is This Program Right for You?

I invite female entrepreneurs, (yes I'm talking to you lovely lady :0), who are ready to create the life they are dreaming of to join me.  I believe that a woman with a dream that's just bursting to get out deserves the opportunity to explore the possibilities of who she is meant to be in this world.  I offer you support, many years experience and a wealth of knowledge to enable you to walk this exciting path.

What are the obstacles on your path to success?

These are some of the challenges I can help you overcome:

1.  Not being able to making the income you desire

How many of these statements can you identify with?

I don't value my time, energy, and expertise
  I give away far too much for free

  I decide in advance that a client won’t be able to pay what I normally charge
  I trade & barter because I'm embarrassed to ask certain people for money
  My prices are nowhere near high enough to reflect my skills and training

  I stay affordable so I'm not perceived as greedy
  I play small and feel invisible
  I daren't stand out or shine too brightly

     If I make too much money it will make other people feel uncomfortable

  I don't even like to share with people what I earn
  I frequently over give for fear of being criticized


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help, support and guidance during the mentoring process.
During our time together you have given lots of guidance and ideas. You have also helped me to keep focused. There have been lots of times when doubts have crept in, when this has happened you have put things into perspective and after a session with you I have always gone away feeling full of optimism and energized!"

Angie McAloran, New Zealand


Sally Canning. The World's Your Oyster from Sally Canning on Vimeo.



I believe:

  I'm not experienced enough or confident enough to charge higher prices

  If I become successful I might make others feel insecure

  Other people's opinions have a big impact on me

  I have to consider the needs of others

  Someone like me would have difficulty making lots of money

  If I ask for what I want, clients might vote with their feet and go elsewhere

  I am fearful of not getting it right

2.    I want Clarity and Confidence—I want to clearly communicate what it is I do and who I serve

3.    I'm stuck in a rut—with negative thoughts, hand me down beliefs, stuck emotions, self perpetuating stories

4.    I need firm but gentle support—to help me cope with stress, overwhelm, shaky boundaries, low energy

5.    I'm aware there's something within me that's holding me back

6.   I want to break free of my fear and procrastination

"I got out of it exactly what I wanted.
I’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time and afraid to move forward with my own business – what I’m taking away from this is feeling totally capable of moving forward.

Thank you for being inspirational.”

Helen McNallen

Working together this way is about gaining clarity and confidence to find the power within yourself to experience more fully the life you wish to live

  • It's about appreciating your gifts and your value in the world
  • It’s about creating a safe space to hold your vision, your dream, your purpose, your passion
  • It’s about identifying the obstacles & hidden challenges that have held you back
  • It’s about you moving from where you are now to your vision of where you want to be

During our time together, I will:

   Help you clarify your dreams and your path

   Invite you to change your world by shifting your perspectives

   Offer you insights to transform your experiences

   Always work with you in a heart centered way for your highest good, on whatever is relevant for you in the moment

   Utilize Energy techniques to overcome your fears and move past your obstacles

   Combine our work together with the Law of Attraction

   Help you to recognize your own ability and strength to grow and create

   Guide you in defining the actual steps to take

   Keep you accountable by providing you with weekly check-in sheets, which only take a few minutes to complete and do wonders to keep you on track.

This is an investment in you,
what you need and how you can best be supported
in your world and dreams at the moment.

It's an investment in what you are ready to create in your life and what you can do to make it happen.

I guarantee that I will be fully present and fully engaged in our conversations and partnership.

I guarantee to treat you with the utmost respect and kindness, (though I do sometimes believe in 'tough love' :0) and I guarantee to make our time together about you and what you wish to achieve.

But I can't guarantee how our work together will impact your life and I can't guarantee what you will do with it.

However, I know from experience that the combination of Heart Centered Mentoring and Energy work has the capability to move you forward in leaps and bounds.

When you are ready for a Mentor there is no dream too big.

Mentoring offers an on going flexible framework and relationship providing space for nurturing challenge, reflection, discussion and exploration in personal, professional and spiritual development.

'Take to the Skies'

What is Mentoring about?

It’s about creating joy in your life and letting go of struggle

It's about gaining clarity and confidence to find the power within yourself to experience more fully the life you wish to live

It's about appreciating your gifts and your value in the world

It’s about creating a safe space to hold your vision, your dream, your purpose, your passion

It’s about identifying the obstacles & hidden challenges that have held you back

It’s about discovering and utilizing energy techniques that will enable you to let go and leap into your future

It’s about you moving from where you are now to your vision of where you want to be

It’s about learning how the Law Of Attraction can work for you

It’s about deliberately raising your energy vibration to attract the things, people and circumstances you desire in life

And, it’s about becoming more, having fun and enjoying the process!


How are you feeling?

   Maybe you’re a little nervous.

   Maybe you’re a little freaked by the prospect of making a commitment and investment in yourself.

   But you are definitely, passionately, excitedly READY.

   Ready to release the mindset blocks that keep you and your business stuck.

   Ready to take all this passion and (finally!) DO SOMETHING with it.

   Ready to stop settling for the ordinary.

   Ready to make a difference in the world and take charge of how you do just that.

   And ready to be a soulfully successful

   If this all feels right for you, then I’m thrilled to invite you to join me.

I meticulously designed this
“Take to The Skies”
Program to meet your very specific individual needs to provide a high-quality, deep-dive immersion experience that gives you:

   The STRUCTURE you need to build momentum and build trust in your process, learning and growth.

   The TRAINING you require in order to master the marketing, mindset and movement of a successful practice.

   The ACCOUNTABILITY you crave to help you stay on track and get the encouragement, support and celebration for goals set and reached.

   We’re going to be doing lots of work on mindset.

   There may seem to be lots of repetition – the same thing coming from different view points to really hone in on what you need to do to put you in the best place for success.

   The important thing to bear in mind is that rather than an Energy Practitioner what you are going to become is a Marketing Expert for your Practice.

   Everything you do from now on is about promoting your business, in the right places and to the appropriate people.

   You'll receive lots of other treats, surprises and all the support you'll need to make our work together a roaring success!

We will be:

  Eliciting your gifts and skills

  Clarifying your Vision – What image you wish to portray

  Defining your Target Market and Ideal Client – your Niche area

  Constructing your freebie

  Communicating with your people - Website, Newsletter, Blogging

  List Building

  Considering the importance of Social Media

  Setting up Systems

  Oh, and did I mention mindset, mindset, mindset?

None of this is a one time only event. Each time you reach the next level it all has to be re visited and re assessed.

So, as you stand at the edge of the precipice I’m going to be there when you jump.
And, in those uncertain moments as you wait for your wings to unfurl, we’ll do it together.

I’ll be beside you giving support and encouragement to get you to the place where you can soar as the thermals lift you higher!


If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

This is your chance to DO just that - To GRAB the opportunity - And to UPLEVEL your whole big bold beautiful purpose.

Investing in yourself at this higher level and working with me in this way is going to bring you bigger transformations



   If you've been trying to figure it out on your own and have been going around in circles getting nowhere fast
   If you are ready to make an investment in you that will without doubt change your life

    If you are longing for unwavering support and accountability

    If you know in your heart it's time you took action to make this happen

    If your soul is calling and the timing is perfect

    You Are Most Definitely in The Right Place!

Okay, so I can hear you saying

"What kind of investment will this require? "

Here's how it goes ...

You get to work exclusively with me for Eighteen 1 to 1 sessions beginning with a full day together, either in person or on Skype if you are too far away to travel, plus loads of other surprises and bonuses.

You may also attend any Dare to Be You Creative Workshops I have on offer at the time

You'll get the absolute best of my knowledge and experience to move you from where you are to where you want to be. 

We'll work together to change the story you have been telling yourself, shift your limiting beliefs, patterns of self sabotage, your old habits, and empower you to identify and step into the most powerful version of yourself ... And so much more.

I'll support you, guide you, facilitate your changes, be there when you wobble - it's inevitable - and celebrate your successes

When you fully commit to embracing this experience, doing the work, being accountable, I guarantee you will see big changes manifest before your eyes. I can't promise what they will be though because on the way to your dream you may find a better one!

"I want to do a 'Fisherman's Jump' in the air.
I want to laugh and jump and cry all at the same time.

I have experienced such a massive transformation in my life and business it's almost unbelievable to think I'm only half way through our time together.

I really can't sing praises highly enough for this Program."

Sarah Helen Johns, Textile Artist, Sheffield     

'Take to the Skies'

Your Opportunity to Fly .....

This unique, potentially life changing, six month journey is awaiting you

Please Email me for an Application form

Just YOU, ME, the Magic of Energy work, my Passion, Commitment and Extensive Experience

working together to create your version of your bright shiny successful future.

Sound Good?

Just what you've been longing for?

Come on then ....

Let's do this!

Let's get on the phone, or Skype
     Let's make this happen for you
  Get in touch

Let's get excited as we start to unravel how you are going to begin your journey of Transformation

I can’t wait to do this with you!


Sally Canning is known as a Catalyst for Women's Personal Growth and Transformation. She is committed to and passionate about helping you find more strength, flexibility and happiness in your personal and professional life.

"It make my heart sing to inspire and support women like yourself from all over the world who are ready to create transformation in their lives and step into the light of who they truly are.

My methods are fun and creative, certainly not old school - there are those who may even call them downright quirky. Thing is they work .. Results are profound, fast and life changing. You do have to be ready to take the leap though!

I am the net that's there to catch you and, I'm the the wind beneath your wings to help you soar."

You are going to love the transformation you'll experience in Sally's Mentoring Programs to help you quickly reconcile the past, live more fully in the present and create a better future. She will literally help you Spread Your Wings and Fly.

You can contact Sally at
Tel: 01777 870 499 / 0779 272 8979