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'Remember Who YOU Are'

A Unique Creative Process wrapped up in a beautiful linen bound Hard Backed Book and Journal with accompanying recordings to help you rediscover things about yourself you thought you had forgotten

I'm wondering ... How do you remember things? Do you tie a knot in the corner of a hankie, wrap a piece of string around your finger, make a quick note on a scrap of paper? Are you prone to forgetting what you know and have difficulty recalling little details and connecting to feelings? Do you rack your brains trying to remember whatever it is you were not meant to forget? It is such a common thing, and it's not just about the things we are 'supposed' to do. No indeed, it turns out to be much more than that.

When I ask questions like, "What is it you really want or dream of?" it is not at all unusual for women to say they have no idea because they have forgotten who they are at their essence. It can make them feel anxious and disconnected, like a veil has been drawn over the memories that shaped them.

When they speak they hear the voice of a younger girl in their head and yet the dratted mirror reveals a much more grown up serious individual. Thing is how on earth can we recreate a link to reignite some of those inner thoughts and forgotten passions?

So what so Special about this Package? 

Do you find it hard to commandeer a few minutes for yourself never mind having to think about delving deep even though you harbour thoughts of "How nice must that be - to do something just for me?" Do you fancy something that's relatively simple and yet reaps big rewards?

In this Special Limited Edition I encourage you to get creative in order to delve into your thoughts and feelings, to explore your hopes and dreams in simple, yet profound ways.  I give you a safe space to play and just be who you are

it gives you accessibility to me with a 30 minute Skype or telephone session to boot.

Does it make you think: "Oh it's just another of those Packages - go through it - get it done and then what?"

What if this were different?

What if instead of downloading onto floppy office paper and clipping things together with regular paperclips you were holding a full colour linen bound hard backed book with beautifully designed glossy pages and its accompanying journal which contains gorgeous quality heavy leaves for you to make your marks and hold your thoughts and creations?

How different would it feel to have the security of knowing that as you work through the process you can make special note of the things that raise a question or feel remarkable to bring to a private session with a highly experienced Mentor who will give you the luxury of feeling heard and understood?

I wonder how that would be for you? Would you find that more appealing?

Yeah, well maybe, perhaps? This could well be your opportunity, your first step on your path to discovering the YOU you would love to be and know ...

The Creative Journaling Play Book is definitely NOT ...

A 'How To' step by step cookie cutter approach to personal development

And there are no presupposed outcomes ....

The beauty of this process is that whatever unfolds and is revealed on the pages is unique to you

What does it contain and how you going to benefit?

The Creative Journaling Play Book Package
with accompanying Journal and Recordings contains inspirational prompts, suggestions and Daily Rituals to stimulate your memory and your imagination to access places simple writing exercises may not reach.

It is designed to open up the remembrance of inner parts of you and enable you to bring them out of the recesses into the light of day.  This is your opportunity to unveil forgotten dreams, to gain an overview of those areas where your Inner Critic is holding you back, and to shine a spotlight on your innate potential and possibilities.

When you're done you have the extra special bonus of a one to one session with me to discuss what this means to you and for you and how you might move forward to embrace a brighter more fulfilling future.

This Creative Play Book Experience will help you to ...

Remember Who You Are

Remember What you Did

Remember What you Dream of

Remember ...

Here’s your invitation to S-t-r-e-t-c-h

To PlAy** to fEel** eXploRe** ConSideR** DisCoveR

To RiSk** to LaUgh oUt LouD** to gRoW** to SHiNE!

What's so great about Creative Journaling in this way?

A Journal page is a place, a moment in time, where you can be creative with your thoughts

-   It’s your place to be free.

-   There’s no one to impress, no one to judge, no one to criticise.

-   You don’t need a certificate to say you can do it.

-   In actual fact you have everything you need already there within you.

-   Your heart and mind and a few simple bits and pieces are all you require

-   I’m inviting you to fill in the pages with your thoughts and images whichever way they present themselves

-   And remember that when it comes to the expression of your spirit you can’t get it  wrong.

-   This is about the creative process, and the healing process.

-   It’s about awareness and possibility and transformation.

-   It’s unique to you.

-   Journaling gives you the freedom to open the page and be who you are just for you, and only you.
-   You, and what you feel are all that matters in that space.

-   I’m here to share some pointers, not to tell you how to do it.

-   I’m here to whet your creative appetite and in no time at all you’ll be concocting all manner of magical entries.

Remember who YOU are, Remember what YOU did, Remember what YOU dream of,


"I embarked on this transformational journey and have learned so so much. You cannot put a price tag on it, on your inner well being - for life....

I'm bursting with excitement of the new inner me that I met this week. I woke early to this overwhelming feeling that I had just bumped into my best, dearest friend. I felt so much love and appreciation. It was my inner self I had met!! Wow! I felt safe to share and trust, and had this inner confidence that I'm not alone any more. Amazing"
I loved doing my 'me' board, getting creative with a blank canvas and seeing my story form in front of my own eyes. What a fab and positive way....."


Julie Christian, Yoga Teacher, Worksop, Notts 

My Life in S-c-r-i-b-b-l-e-s

I scribbled - up and down in and out left (interesting!!!) and right. Just words, nonsense and random ideas. Just doing it to get it done ... Then values started to come out. Awareness of what I admire some people for but have never been aware of it. Like the friendship my brother has with a group of friends since childhood, this led to other friendships, opera and with opera came stars. My dad had the same attitude with stars as with opera ... I was expected to know without being taught. From opera and stars came drums (what else?!) and dancing and harmony and wind and I felt as though I was touching on what feeds me. It was a real revelation and made me feel good. I feel that I can use this to get in touch with spaces and places inside me and go exploring - without my hiking shoes :-)

Ann Marie, Denmark

What's Unique about this Package?

   The content is deceptively simple.  It's designed to take you safely and deeply into the process

   It's lovely to look at, it's gorgeous to touch, everything about it exudes quality

  The high quality 10x7inch oatmeal linen bound book with glossy dust jacket wraps around
42 gorgeous full colour pages that feel and smell divine.

   The Journal, also hard backed and linen bound, contains beautiful heavy textured cream leaves separated with whisps of tissue to protect your precious morsels, words and creations.

   There's a CD too giving you an Introduction to the whole magical process and guiding you through three Time For Me Daily Rituals with questions for contemplation

   A lovely pencil to get you moving on the page

   All of this Plus a Gift Voucher

   Because when you're done you get to have 50 minutes Follow Up Session by phone or Skype
with Me to discuss your personal discoveries and how you are going to embrace the potential of this new you.

How does that sound?

  Great?  Amazing?

Wouldn't it make a fabulous gift for someone special

"I just wanted to say how much I loved your journaling book. It's really great. I have always enjoyed keeping a diary, but it has given me new ways to explore my feelings and I am sure it will be something that other people will find helpful too"

Andreia Shelley,

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Enjoy Remembering Who YOU Are

I look forward to working with you

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