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Are you ready to easily let go of worry, pain or fear and restore your emotional balance?

Are you ready for a new way of quickly processing life experiences that are bothering you or holding you back?

Are you open to receiving more joy into your life?

Are you open to the idea of discovering a series of simple steps that lets you adventure into enhanced states of emotional well being?


Overcome fears, phobias and negative beliefs;

   Manage or turn anger, resentment and grief held from past experiences into release and   acceptance;

   Remove self-doubt and barriers to self confidence,

   Raise self-esteem,

   Generate a feel good factor;

   Restore balance to the body and mind, enabling you to function at your best, and transform stress into relaxation.

   Manage pain in the body where there is an emotional element present.

is a technique that is easily learned.

EmoTrance is based on the simple premise that emotions are not a problem, no matter how we ‘label’ them or however severe they may feel. It’s the way emotions are being handled in our system that creates difficulties for us.

EmoTrance enables us to work with a variety of emotional scenarios, past and present and helps you discover more about your energy body.

As EmoTrance works on where you feel a problem, one interesting benefit is that you do not have to talk about your problem, unless you wish to. Working with EmoTrance you work from the inside whilst I assist from the outside. The end result will be that you are able to view the original issue, experience, happening in a calm, clear way without the disruptive feelings that originally accompanied it.

will make you feel not just better, but wonderful, as the blocks in your personal energy melt and release.

What is EmoTrance?            

2 Day Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Training Workshops

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The 58 Day Migraine versus EmoTrance - Mary Eaden Parker

Tapping into your
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