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Children and Young People

How often have you wished that you could make your child's sadness and upsets just go away - that you could do something to help them relax, to calm their fears and help raise their confidence?

Has your child been bullied or teased leaving him or her with low self esteem? Has an unkind comment or person left your child feeling silly or even stupid? Does your child have a fear that is interfering with his or her joy in life? Maybe it is a fear of spiders … of the dark ... of flying … of the dentist … of exams at school? Do you worry that your child’s future will be limited by their beliefs and thoughts?

What if you and your young person could learn a simple self-help procedure that is safe, easy to learn, and really effective in helping to manage and even eliminate lingering emotional hurts and upsets?

Whether you are a Parent, Teacher or Young Person seeking assistance you are in the right place …

(Emotional Freedom Technique) for Children and Young People

I first went to Sally feeling nervous and overwhelmed about my G.C.S.E exams and my future leading to a career after school. I was confused and very negative towards my future. Whilst working with Sally I managed to get many negative feelings out and fill up with positive ones. After having EFT I became a lot calmer towards my exams and focused more. In the end I could take my exams with ease and feel positive about my future. Thanks.
Jack, Nottinghamshire

EFT the simple tapping technique can help your child gain freedom from emotional upset and trauma. Using EFT will increase your child’s chances of growing up free of negative beliefs about themselves and without intense fears and anxieties.

Teenagers find EFT sessions immensely useful to help deal with exam nerves, relationship issues, bullying, low self esteem, problems at school, driving test worries …. the list is as individual as the person.

As a Parent you benefit greatly by learning to treat yourself with EFT for the things your children do, that upset you. What a Bonus! An extremely powerful confidence builder that is very nurturing for both parent and children!

I am truly grateful for everything EFT has done for me. It has helped me no end with the many issues that had literally been controlling my life. Techniques like this can be difficult to wrap your head around at first, but when you put your faith into it – the results are incredible.

The changes you experience from the sessions can be an immediate noticeable difference, other times it just occurs to you weeks later that a problem you used to have never seems to trouble you anymore.

My quality of life is now a thousand times better thanks to all the help that Sally has given me.

Jos. Nottinghamshire

EFT has proven to be very effective with children and young people for:

Nervousness about exams & grade improvement
Fear of making mistakes
Blocked creativity
Separation anxiety
First day at school apprehension
School phobia
Dealing with peer pressure
Driver’s test anxiety
Student/teacher friction
Being bullied, teasing
Sport Performance
Sports anxiety
Fear of the dark
Bedtime fears due to TV programs
Dealing with temper tantrums

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