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For Individuals, Practitioners, Health Care Professionals, Counselors, and Therapists

The workshop opened my eyes to a whole new way to working and provided me with a lot of possibilities that I am planning to move forward with. I now know where I am going. You are worth every penny and every minute because of the experience you have and the support that you give. Thank you
Nicky Mason, Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist, EFT Practitioner. Leicester

My intention is to ensure that your training in Energy Techniques is a worthwhile investment in your personal, professional and spiritual development.

Emotional Freedom Technique - Levels 1, 2, 3 and Trainers level
Energy EFT - Levels 1, 2, 3 and Trainers level

Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner 
Trainers level

Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki III
Reiki Master /Teacher
Workshops and Retreats

"The delivery of the training was very personal to my needs and experience as a holistic therapist. Sally made me feel at ease and cared for and nurtured my interest and the development of my skills. In fact I would say that she nurtured my soul!"

Julie Moore, Woodborough, Nottinghamshire

Meridian Energy Therapies
are amazing tools for quickly releasing negative emotions and stress for self help and for Holistic Practitioners. Issues that have held people down for years, memories that cause pain long after the event, the stress of work, relationships, lack of finances, all dissolve away, often for good!

Frequently featured on television with amazingly successful phobia cures and increasingly cited in publications as the most powerful innovations in mind/body health and personal growth today, these techniques are helping people to free themselves from stress and anxiety, traumas, emotional and physical pain and limiting beliefs, to enable them to take responsibility for optimum health and happiness.

Nationwide, Certified Practitioner Training Workshops in EFT and EmoTrance Techniques are for those wishing to expand and enhance their existing skills.

My intensive, comprehensive Trainings will enable you to use Meridian Energy Therapy/Energy Psychology for yourself and others. As Therapists, Health Care Professionals, and Counselors you will discover powerful new approaches to enhance your work with clients, and for personal development.

Delegates frequently remark on my warm, friendly, informal, yet well-structured style of training, making complex subjects easy and enjoyable to absorb.

Trainings take place here in Nottinghamshire in small groups at a tranquil location, (just down the road from Sherwood Forest), where comprehensive manuals and lunches are provided, OR get in touch to arrange for me to come to you.

"It is a challenge to convey in words the deeply profound nature and authenticity that underpin Sally's training for the AMT MET Certified Practitioner. I consider this weekend's experience not only to be enlightening in giving me an awesome set of tools to add to my NLP skills but also invaluable in learning the subtle nuances and relevant practices of client care and intervention management that only someone with Sally's depth of skill, experience and knowledge could provide. It is a life changing experience and, for me, Sally is the only person I would recommend to train with in the field in energy psychology."
Paul Crick, The Music Performance Coach, Flintham, Nottinghamshire


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