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Sally Canning, Mother and Daughter, EmoTrance

is a simple yet powerful technique from the field of Energy Psychology, developed by Silvia Hartmann in 2002.

EmoTrance connects you in a very powerful way with your body, its energy system and the unconscious mind.

EmoTrance requires no naming of issues, no conscious memory of trauma and works gently with the body and its energy.

EmoTrance enables you to connect with stuck energy and feelings that may be linked to unconscious or repressed memories without having to relive the painful story. As you allow these energies to soften and flow you are able to revert to your natural state of health and well being.

For Therapists
EmoTrance offers a new doorway to exploring energy healing with direct feedback rather than having to guess or rely on intuition. It does not demand any special talents or abilities from either the practitioner or the recipient in healing, and represents a beautiful, experientially based system for you to develop your natural skills, which everyone is blessed with simply by having been born to be human.

- a stand alone Energy Healing system for those who wish to work with the human energy body in a more personal, more intimate way.

re-connects the user with their body and their own being in a profound and lasting way. It is an outstanding self help tool, not just to remove old injuries, but also to manage new states that arise all the time, there and then, so they need never become future incidents for us to be concerned with.

EmoTrance we understand that everything is energy, and that everything we experience comes into our being as energy first. We understand that whether we have an enriching or stressful response to life’s events depends purely on how our energy system handles the incoming energy …….. the looks, the comments, the impact of events. When we don’t handle energy well, we feel that build up of pressure in the chest, head, stomach accompanying the emotion of stress. We connect with these disturbances each time we recall the distressing incident.

EmoTrance you will be asked, “Where do you feel that in your body?” and with your thoughts and intention this energy will flow through and out so that when we return to the original thought there will be no more distress, rather, a new clarity and understanding which was not accessible when we were in our previous emotional state. We realize that emotions are merely the feedback devices, the symptoms, of blockages and disturbances in the body’s subtle energy system.

2 Day Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Training Workshops
Accreditation by the Association of Meridian Energy Therapies

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58 Day Migraine versus EmoTrance

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