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"You're either living in the problem or, you're living in the solution"

How is it that although many of us may be given the same life experiences we respond emotionally in very different ways?

How do you feel when you are given a complement? Are you happy and energized by it, or are you embarrassed and uncomfortable?

When hearing the news ”You’re being made redundant from your job”, are you angry and hurt like you’ve been hit hard in your body?  Or do you take a more philosophical stance viewing it in the light of life’s experiences teaching you some profound lesson?

On all levels of our being health is about flow – we understand that physically we eat, digest, process and extract the waste from food. Flowing in, through and out. The energy system of the body behaves in the same way. We take in energy from all life’s experiences – our surroundings, what we see, hear and sense – what people say and do. We handle it, process it and let it go.
Problems occur when we don’t handle this incoming energy in a positive way. Particular types of energy – a look, comment, accident, unexpected news, trauma, or just the sheer volume we have to deal with at any one time builds up until we feel an emotion – stress, anger, anxiety, frustration, hurt, often accompanied by a physical sensation, or pressure in the body ie tightness in the chest, stomach, shoulders or head.                                                                       

These emotional responses and physical sensations arise from the disturbances in the subtle energy body. Even years later, when you think of that comment made by a particular person, or an incident, you will experience the same, or similar feelings.

The good news is that we now have simple, highly effective personal tools to alleviate these often distressing symptoms, to restore the energetic flow and the body’s equilibrium.

Based on the discovery and principle that an upsetting experience or problem is associated with a disturbance in our energy system, energy therapies facilitate rapid relief, and deep, effective change. By tuning into our limiting thoughts, upsetting emotions, and painful memories whilst treating the energy system the underlying disturbances are released, restoring balance and flow.

Since all emotions, and also our limiting beliefs arise from disturbances in the body’s subtle energy system, Energy Psychology Techniques can be used to alleviate a whole range of problems including: Stress, anxiety, depression addiction, phobias, rejection, anger, guilt, financial stress, relationship stress in addition to physical ailments, IBS, muscle tension, headaches and allergies.

I am also able to apply these techniques for personal growth, peak performance, confidence building, better concentration, public speaking and a multitude of other issues.

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