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Becoming attuned to Reiki is a very special, unique experience. It has the potential to bring about positive and powerful changes in your life and can help clarify your purpose and direction.  By promoting deep healing it can bring new awareness helping to release the past in order to make way for the future finding greater joy and harmony in your life.

My greatest wish is for you to receive the very best possible introduction to the Reiki philosophy and teachings so that you too may embrace this wonderful energy.  My intention is for you to feel totally at ease, comfortable and confident as you integrate this energy into your life. 

My passion and breadth of knowledge has been gained from more than fifteen years of daily Reiki practice. I have attended workshops hosted by Phyllis Furamoto, Head of Lineage of the Western Usui System, and received attunements from Japanese Reiki master Hiroshi Doi who is one of the leading authorities on the practice of Reiki in Japan.  It is always such a pleasure to share those experiences with students as they embark on their own new, exciting journey.

Because you are special, you have after all made this investment and commitment to yourself, I believe you deserve extraordinary care and attention.

During winter months workshops take place in my cozy 450 year old beamed cottage with blazing log fires and delicious home cooked lunches. You decide whether you would like to receive your attunement inside or out in the country side.

In summer months, April to October, your tuition still takes place in the cottage however you have the opportunity to receive your initiation and a simple lunch prepared by the monk Maitraya in his glorious Japanese Garden just a few minutes down the road.

All teachings are supported by a comprehensive manual and beautiful certificates.

Carla and Bev's Reiki II Attunements at Purelands

Occasionally I also offer Reiki II and III workshops in Patterdale in the Lake District with attunements at the Aire Force Waterfall

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Reiki Training in Nottinghamshire

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