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Meridian Energy Therapy (MET) Practitioners Training

Association of Meridian Therapies


This in-depth and thorough training covers the syllabus of the AMT and leads to Practitioner Certification following an exam and case studies with the Association of Meridian Therapies.


Julie Moore talks about her EFT Practitioner Training experience

The workshop covers: teaching EFT to your client, the EFT protocol, different ways of contacting the problem, and observation skills for how your client expresses emotions and therefore what to tap on, problem mapping, prioritizing, and testing for lasting success, safe approaches to releasing phobias, PTSD, painful memories, finding the emotional components of chronic physical ailments, addictions, muscle testing for shortcuts, overcoming sabotaging beliefs, integrating EFT into your practice and marketing tips.

Exercises throughout the training are designed to reinforce understanding and enable practical application.
Through carefully designed questions and a case study the Certification Paper consolidates and reinforces the material covered in the training workshop, connecting it to actual client practice.

"It was so easy. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease which enabled me to ask questions freely. The information provided was delivered in a manner that was fully understandable and consequently retainable. You also provided the opportunity to tap into your vast experience which is obviously priceless.

I am already starting to make the changes needed. Having already made plans to make time in my life to pursue a small business and practicing the treatment that I enjoy, the biggest part that has been affected has been my pricing structure and having value in both myself and the treatment that I will be offering."

Maria Chappell

EFT Trainings to meet your individual requirements

Do you learn best in a group or do you prefer individual attention?

I can offer you really special treatment in my one to one Trainings where you'll receive the very best of my experience and expertise uniquely tailored to you.
Please GET IN TOUCH to discuss how we can make that happen for you.

As an alternative I also teach in small groups numbering no more than 4 participants to guarantee personal coaching and individual attention.

Your investment for this two day group training is £500.00 per person plus £50 payable to the Association of Meridian Therapies for one year's license and membership).

It is a challenge to convey in words the deeply profound nature and authenticity that underpin Sally's training for the AMT MET Certified Practitioner.

I consider this weekend's experience not only to be enlightening in giving me an awesome set of tools to add to my NLP skills but also invaluable in learning the subtle nuances and relevant practices of client care and intervention management that only someone with Sally's depth of skill, experience and knowledge could provide. It is a life changing experience and, for me, Sally is the only person I would recommend to train with in the field in energy psychology.

Paul Crick
Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner, NLP, The Music Performance Coach

Why take EFT Training ?

This Two Day EFT workshop is accredited by the AMT (Association for Meridian Energy Therapies). It is intended for Therapists, Counsellors and other Health Care workers wishing to learn powerful new approaches for working with clients.

The training course is designed to advance your skills in EFT to a significantly higher level preparing you to practice EFT with confidence and incredible success.

At the end of the training course you will be able to:

• Understand the basic theory behind the new meridian energy therapies

• Work with clients to release negative emotions from memories, events and trauma

• Use EFT to undo limiting beliefs and achieve outcomes

• Explain to clients how to apply the techniques

• Test the results of your work

Successful completion of the Practitioner Certificate of EFT entitles you to use the letters C.P.AMT.
Certified Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies through the Association of Meridian Energy Therapies

About the AMT

The Association For Meridian Energy Therapies, The AMT, was formed in 1998 as the first non-profit umbrella organisation for the emergent field of Meridian Energy Therapies . Membership is open to those who have taken the Certification Trainings and Associate Membership to anyone who has an interest in the wider field of Meridian Energy Therapies in both theory and practice

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