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EFT and Meridian Therapies have been clinically effective in thousands of cases providing dramatic relief for trauma and abuse, panic and anxiety, relationship issues, fears and phobias, addictive cravings and many physical symptoms. The majority of treatments achieve either noticeable improvement or complete resolution of the problem due to Meridian Therapies' ability to get to the heart of the matter and identify and release all of the associated blocks around the issue.

EFT is a marvellous effective self help technique, however, there are times and issues that really do benefit from the assistance of a trained Practitioner.

Why and when would I see a Practitioner?

Working with an experienced Practitioner will ensure that your treatment session is paced in a way that ensures emotional safety and well-being without resulting in overwhelming levels of emotion. A trained Practitioner will ensure that you complete each session in a positive and calm emotional state, even if there is more work to be done later.

Some issues are not straightforward and will take more than one session to clear as often the reasons for a problem are hidden below the surface, either out of conscious awareness or are too painful to look at and talk about. With EFT we can work in ways that do not require you to share the painful details and still achieve really effective results.

What happens during a Treatment?

During your first treatment details about your general health, psychological outlook and life style are discussed and if appropriate your issue is "mapped out" to include all related aspects so that the problem can be identified and removed at a root level. The issues are addressed in order of priority and intensity. It is often the case that the collapse of stress around one key area can dissolve all the other related issues.

Treatment involves the formulation of statements that sum up the issue for you and tapping special points on the body. The result leaves you feeling peaceful and more in control so the issue no longer bothers you or you can view things from a calmer and more detached perspective. EFT may also be used to collapse negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life in general.

How many treatments?

This will depend on the complexity of the issue/issues. Sometimes one treatment is sufficient and other times you will need a series of treatments to clear the issue completely. If this is the case you may be asked to tap between sessions to support your treatment.

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What happens during a treatment?
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