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'Oceans of Energy' EmoTrance Practitioner Training

Come Play in the Oceans of Energy
Taking the EmoTrance concept to a new level of clinical practice

Emotional Transformation is one of the cornerstones of my own  Meridian Energy Practice.

It is a deceptively simple technique that gives profound results and is an invaluable addition to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For me the two go inextricably hand in hand and enhance the effects of one another. I personally can't recommend this certification programme highly enough.

If you are an Energy Therapist who would like to take their work to the next level this 2 Day Certificated Workshop could well be exactly what you've been waiting for.

*  You will learn and experience the greater power of the co-joint healing process that takes place with the practitioner and the client’s intention focused on softening and flowing energy

*   You will experience how to do EmoTrance by telephone, expanding your practice

  You will understand and learn how to safely dismantle shields and barriers that we consciously and unconsciously have around ourselves for protection, but which stop all nourishing energies from being received

  You will understand more of the theory of EmoTrance, the different manifestations of energy disturbances in the energy system

*   You will learn how to soften and release hard, old and resistant energies

*   Using these extra powerful techniques, you will release deep old energetic wounds in your own system

*   You will understand how aspects manifest in the Energy Body and how to deal with multiple aspects

*   You will understand the importance of thorough testing and helping your client to reach the energised end state available with any energy that might previously have been stuck

*   You will experience how to use EmoTrance with affirmations, dramatically increasing the power and speed of their effectiveness

*   You will have learned and become experienced in how to apply your intention to influence any energy system

On completion you will receive a certificate from The Association of Meridian Therapies
(The AMT), and will appear on the website under the Find a Practitioner section, and have the possibility of receiving referrals.

Your first year’s membership of The AMT is included in the course fee, thereafter you will be invited to re-join each year

Please note that this EmoTrance Practitioner Training is aimed at therapists, practitioners, coaches or other professionals who already practice and have professional membership and insurance. On its own, it is not a license to practice therapy.

"I did not know a lot about EmoTrance, but I sensed it would be complimentary to the other modalities. It far exceeded my expectations.... It will allow me to focus on the here and now whilst moving forward.
.....working with a powerful group of like-minded people led by Sally, our excellent and passionate teacher. 

Delivered with enthusiasm and respect for an awesome subject.
A moving, life changing, weekend. Thank you".

Chris Dalzell, Trainer, Worksop, Notts

"What a wonderful weekend. You are a wonderful trainer. I got so much more than expected. It was terrific.
I loved the way you held the energy of the group and did not shy away from challenges. Well done".

Helen McCrarren, professionally qualified Social Worker and Holistic Psychotherapist, Northern Ireland


2 Day Advanced Practitioner
‘Living Energy’ Workshop

For those of you who have experienced the amazing benefits of EmoTrance Practitioner level, I am very happy to offer this further training as a personal journey of discovery and awareness of the Universe from an energetic point of view. Living Energy means "getting into the flow", tapping into your true self, and being true to yourself.

By building upon existing skills and introducing exciting spiritual concepts and experiences this workshop will enable you to use your skills as an Advanced Practitioner of EmoTrance to springboard yourself and your clients to deal with so much more than emotional healing. It will provide you with an opportunity to open up the realms of personal achievement and perception.

This training is very, very special and particularly suited to Energy Practitioners wishing to access much deeper levels of their own being.

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Tapping into your
Creative Emotions

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