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Hi, I'm Sally Canning and I am so please to meet you. 

Come on in and I'll tell you a bit about myself, my passion and my 'Why' so you can get an idea of who I am and what I'm about.


Sally Canning Winner of the National Women Inspiring Women Award for Trainer/Speaker 2014

What you should know about me is that it make my heart sing to inspire and support women like yourself from all over the world who are ready to know what it feels like to stand in the light of who you really are, to be lovingly supported and to get out of your head into your heart to create transformation in your life you never dreamed possible.

Helping you to discover your creative spirit to give expression to your passions is such a joy.

I hold a safe space for you as you begin to appreciate how your spirit is calling you to let your energy flow and dive deep into life. It's my honour to witness you recognizing the beauty and brilliance of who you are, to shine, step up to be all you are and Dare to Live Out Loud! 

If we're a good fit for one another I'd love to teach you how to bring joy into your world in fun, creative, sometimes even quirky ways. Results are profound, fast and life changing. This work isn't for wimps though -You do have to be ready to come to the edge and take the leap!

I am the net that's there to catch you and, I'm the the wind beneath your wings to help you soar.

We'll identify and shift the blocks and the fear ... False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. ... to see the smiles and giggles that occur when the absurdity of the limiting beliefs dawn from behind the veil of overwhelm.
Pure Magic!

This has become my life work - It's my 'Why' - It's what I'm meant to do - I absolutely love it.

I've worked nationally and internationally and it was a huge privilege for me to teach and support amazing women and men when I visited Sarajevo as a volunteer with Phoenix Aid in the summers of 2007 and 2008. I am totally and utterly committed to giving you the best possible experience where you feel nurtured and safe to be the you you've always known yourself to be inside and bring her out into the world. I want for you to have the best experience ever!

What's Your Story? from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

Contact me here and lets talk about how I might help you enhance the way you dance your life and your business.


Sally Canning a note from others .....

"Seeing Sally in action was wonderful She inspires trust and confidence in an easy and warm way.

I felt valued in the group as everyone was so genuinely friendly. Sally was just the perfect mix of professionalism, depth of knowledge and skill in bringing the best out in people and incredibly empathetic.

She shared some of her personal background that added to the confidence we had in her as we could see that she had a true and personal belief in what she was doing and how it can change lives. This, coupled with the 28 days of gratitude has been the best experience I have had for a very long time. It has given me a huge boost and energy for the future."

Annie Eagle, Retired Head Teacher, Hampshire

"Sally is a truly gifted and modest person who has helped groups and individuals to recover from the trauma of war in the Bosnian conflict.

She is an International Trainer who absolutely delivers the goods i.e. 'walks her talk'.

She is a natural communicator and is passionate about empowering and enabling people on all levels of their being. Sally is a highly qualified Energy Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher with a wealth of practical experience in her field.

Because Sally has her feet firmly rooted on the ground she is able to impart mental physical and spiritual techniques that totally work for you as an individual, improving your health and well being."

Chris Burgess.
confidence building for the corporate world, industry & commerce

"Sally is a wonderful presenter and healer, exhuding intuition, respect and gentleness. What a wonderful voice!"

M O’Grady, Dublin

"I now have the most wonderful easy tools to use particularly on myself, which will enrich my whole life and work. The whole approach and standard was, as usual and expected, very high and a delight. Thank you."

A.H.  Dublin

"Sally runs brilliant courses.

She makes you feel very much at ease so you are able to question without judgement. I felt a valued member of the group."

Barbara Marshall, HL Teaching Assistant, Worksop, Notts

"Sally was very patient and skilled in conveying difficult concepts to a very mixed group, with amazing results."

Maija Raicar Psychotherapist/Life Coach, Sarajevo

"Thanks for a really interesting and informative training workshop.
The level of training and hands on practice was spot on.
The core of the system was communicated in an exemplary manner."

Chris Burgess, Southport.


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