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Reiki for Animals

As a Practitioner of Reiki for more than 10 years I have been aware of the benefits for people and animals. When I first learned this gentle healing technique we owned Lady, an old rescue collie cross who would immediately roll over with all legs in the air to welcome the warmth and comfort of the energy that came from my hands. Lady enjoyed Reiki regularly and it’s a great comfort to know that the last time we saw her before she passed on (unfortunately whilst we were away on holiday) she was standing in our hallway receiving love and Reiki from myself, my daughter and her boyfriend.

Sally Canning and Gladys
Over the years there have been many anecdotes from friends and clients whose pets have encountered and enjoyed the benefits of Reiki. I trained in Equine Reiki and worked on horses in Bosnia, and now, because of my recent experiences with Gladys my beautiful greyhound girl I’ve decided to create a workshop exclusively for pet owners who would like to learn this wonderful, easy method of helping and calming their beloved animals.

Let me introduce you to Gladys a stunning, playful, increasingly gregarious dog who pretends to be nervous and shy to gain a little attention.

Some of you may remember her from the Greyhound Trust Kennels at Sutton on Trent where she was known as Ice, (her racing name was Derry Hogan Ice). She was perceived to be the dog that was unlikely to be homed because of her highly nervous, willful disposition. The skittish hound who shied away from all and sundry – recoiling as if she were to be beaten at the mere sign of eye contact let alone a step in her direction. And even this was a huge improvement on her previous behaviour thanks to the love and dedication of Tracy who trained her to walk on the lead without spinning and pulling (well almost without pulling :0) and gave her the little quality of life she allowed herself to experience...                                                             

We first encountered ‘Ice’ at the beginning of May 2010 when my friend pointed out this beautiful dog cowering in her bed at the back of the kennel and reckoned she would be perfect for me as she obviously needed some love, calm and Reiki. And so began an uncertain journey. Even with daily visits she didn’t change her pattern of having to be literally dragged and coaxed out of her bed. She pulled and twisted with plaintive eyes to be returned to her bolt hole. In order to create to a little peace and calm I would stand astride her and give Reiki to her head and heart. This settled her down immediately, she regained her composure and walked with an indifferent air around the fields, always in charge, always in front, and literally pulling me off my feet as soon as she sensed she was anywhere near home. In the yard more Reiki was given and received but in such an aloof manner that there was absolutely no recognition for me unless I was to feed her a treat and then she’d ignore me once more.

I’d occasionally take a day off, or visit pm rather than am just to see what would happen – would she miss me?- not a chance!! Talk about Ice by name and Ice by nature! I decided to take her home for a couple of hours at a time which was interesting! - a dog that hadn’t been in a house before claimed her spot in the doorway of the kitchen and refused to move until we left, even if someone had to step over her. Getting in and out of the car was a struggle to begin with and she couldn't wait to return to the familiarity of her kennel but Reiki and persistence did start to pay off and although she remained aloof and distant I was allowed the occasional rub of her tummy which she accepted with a ‘ho hum’ sigh as if to say ‘have you done yet?’, so I figured we were making progress.

My daughter came home in June all excited to meet what she was sure was to be the new addition to our family but was disappointed and deflated by total rejection - to such an extent that ‘Ice’ reverted back to her original patterns of shaking and quaking and refusing to get out of her bed - What a pain - I almost gave up at that point. Anyway, together we walked her and had her stay overnight – surprisingly she was no trouble at all - no mess, no pee, no whining, she seemed to be enjoying our daily jaunts and lapped up the Reiki.   

It was satisfying to be making progress but I was beginning to feel really pressurised – by a daughter pushing for a pet that she wouldn’t be there to look after and by Judith and John who were wondering why anyone would dedicate part of every day to a particular animal and yet make no commitment – I couldn’t – I just saw hard work with very little emotional reward and I certainly didn’t want a mutt that ruled the roost sulking and playing for attention by darting and cowering away in the presence of virtually anyone unfamiliar. She dislike bikes, pushchairs, little people, buses, lorries and yet wasn’t afraid of loud noises and never bothered about cats or other dogs. So, I decided crunch time would come when we returned from a week's holiday at the end of June – If I received the cold shoulder that would be it. Judith and John would have a dog that had become at least partially socialised and I would return to my petless existence forever.

During the week my seesawing emotions went from missing her to the realisation of how tying it would be for a free spirit like myself to be committed to this four legged personality.

Well, if like me you believe in the power of energy you might well say that Gladys (my pet name for her by now) had picked up on the vibe because when we returned she went bananas – thank heavens! – total excitement, recognition and reaction to my voice from then on. I’d often have to dance to her tune before she allowed me to put on her collar and lead but the improvement was huge.

And so after another week I succumbed, I had run out of excuses, and home she came for good. Still a little hesitant at times, and quite manipulative when given the chance but this furtive canine has transformed into a loving, playful house dog in what seems like no time flat – don’t you just love it when a greyhound nuzzles you in the back when she wants a bit of attention? She is lazy of course and still willful, but she’s lovely, cheeky and growing in confidence, she goes virtually everywhere with me, as much at home traveling in the car as she is in the house.

Truth is that I'm delighted with Gladys, however I'm very aware that it would have been far more of an uphill struggle without the Reiki.
I've always known how wonderful Reiki is as stress relief for human beings and now I am wholeheartedly extolling its virtues and recommending it's value for use with animals too.

If you would like to learn Reiki for you and your best friend please get in touch.
One day is all it takes to learn this ancient technique which will stay with you forever to use with your pet to help calm, de stress and allow you both to grow in confidence. It may seem like a stretch of the imagination for some, but believe me it’s certainly worth it and the benefits are enormous – I’ll tell you more about them when we speak.

Reiki could change yours and your animal’s life for the better.
Please get in touch

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John and Tracy from the Retired Greyhound Trust, Sutton on Trent learned Reiki in October 2011

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