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EFT Tapping Points and Recordings

Here are a couple of recordings where I guide you through the tapping process for the Fear of Change and to help relieve the symptoms of
Stress and Anxiety
- use them regularly for best effects.

Be sure to come back to this page often as I do intend to add more. 

You will find a diagram and descriptions of the tapping points below

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    Tap along to help ease the Fear of Change

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    Tap along to relieve Stress and Anxiety


The EFT Tapping points

Start by tapping on the Karate Chop point by tapping with the tips of all four fingers on the outside of the other hand. Use the same pressure you would use if you were tapping on a table to make a drumming sound.

1. Start of the Eyebrow

Where the bone behind your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose nearest the center of the face.

2. Side of the Eye

On the bone in the corner of your eye. Not so close to the eye that it feels like you’re poking yourself, and not so far away that you are tapping at the temple.

Under the Eye

On the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.

4. Under the Nose

This point is roughly midway between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip.

5. Under the Lip

In the indentation midway between your chin and the bottom of the lower lip.

6. Collarbone

In the angle formed by your collarbone and the breast bone

7. Under the Arm

In the middle of where a bra strap would be or about 4inches below the armpit

8. Top of the Head

Use the fingertips on one or both hands to tap the top of the head

As you can see from the diagram there are other tapping points on the hands that we could use but for our purposes here we are going to keep it simple and use the ones mentioned above and you can tap on either side of the face and body.

Now try tapping the points with your index finger or index and middle finger quite quickly - about 7 - 9 times or as many times as it takes for you to take a normal breath in and out. The strength of the tapping should be quite light and comfortable. Most people don't like a slow and woodpecker approach!

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