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Are you ready for a Transformational, Holistic,
Life-Changing Journey?

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr Seuss

Clients say my approach is inspiring, supportive, creative, fearless and challenging.

I take a powerful, intuitive, heart centered approach, encouraging women to embrace themselves and their dreams with courage and a sense of adventure.

When you are ready for a mentor there is no dream too big.

Mentoring offers an on going flexible framework and relationship providing space for nurturing challenge, reflection, discussion and exploration in personal, professional and spiritual development.

What is Mentoring about?

  It’s about creating joy in your life and letting go of struggle

  It's about gaining clarity and confidence to find the power within
yourself to experience more fully the life you wish to live

  It's about appreciating your gifts and your value in the world

  It’s about creating a safe space to hold your vision, your dream, your purpose, your passion

  It’s about identifying the obstacles & hidden challenges that have held you back

  It’s about discovering and utilizing energy techniques that will enable you to let go and leap into your future

  It’s about you moving from where you are now to your vision of where you want to be

  It’s about learning how the Law Of Attraction can work for you

  It’s about deliberately raising your energy vibration to attract the things, people and circumstances you desire in your life

  And, it’s about becoming more, having fun and enjoying the process!

A Dream Come True!

"Just thought I would share a dream that I've turned in to reality with you.

Two years ago, I went to Spain, and saw people windsurfing in the sea, jumping waves and thoroughly enjoying themselves! I remember thinking, I wish I could do that! I was 2 stone overweight and not very fit at all.

I created a vision of what I wanted to look like in my head, and that involved me losing weight first, before even contemplating trying a wetsuit on!!

Two years later, I have taken my first windsurfing lesson! Loved it so much I bought a wetsuit and buoyancy aid (in a size I haven't been since my 20's) I now go twice a week to windsurf and progressed last week onto an intermediate board!! I am fitter and healthier than I have been in ten years!! I have a smile so big now I am doing what I dreamed of two years ago! Living, loving and laughing!! "
Julie Woodhams, Derbyshire.

Julie's Story - Shine Your Light from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

During our time together, I will:

  Help you clarify your dreams and your path

  Invite you to change your world by shifting your perspectives

  Offer you insights to transform your experiences

  Always work with you in a heart centred way for your highest good, on whatever is relevant for you in the moment

  Utilize Energy techniques to overcome your fears and move past your obstacles

  Combine our work together with the Law of Attraction

  Help you to recognize your own ability and strength to grow and create

  Guide you in defining the actual steps to take

 I'll do this by working with you in the most flexible way, by Skype, by telephone or in person on a weekly basis for one hour, on a day and time that is mutually convenient.

  You will also have email access to me in between our sessions for any questions that may arise

  I'll recommend books and audio materials.

  I'll make available to you either by download or hard copies by post, useful recorded information - for example, tapping recordings, scripts and meditations plus monthly financial goal setting sheets to assist your dreams and manifestations.

  Weekly accountability check in.

If you feel drawn to take this journey with me as your guide and would like to talk about it some more please don't hesitate to Get in Touch, I'd love to hear from you.

You're going to Love what this does for You!

This is an investment in you, what you need and how you can best be supported in your world and business dreams at the moment. It's an investment in what you are ready to create in your life and what you can do to make it happen.

I guarantee that I will be fully present and fully engaged in our conversations and partnership.

I guarantee to treat you with the utmost respect and kindness, (though I do sometimes believe in 'tough love' :0) and I guarantee to make our time together about you and what you wish to achieve.

But I can't guarantee how our work together will impact your life and I can't guarantee what you will do with it. However, I know from experience that the combination of Heart Centered Mentoring and Energy work has the capability to move you forward in leaps and bounds.

You have within you all the wisdom, courage and strength you need to create a joyful, abundant and harmonious life and you are the only one who can guarantee what you will create in your life. I feel honoured and really excited that you are considering this journey for I know in my heart what a huge difference it could make for you.

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"You are the ‘plug’ that connects the appliance (your client) to the electricity (their potential). In other words, you do not profess to be the answer to their physical, psychological or artist needs but you are the link that enables them to find their own solutions."
Marie Cragg, Rotherham

   Your Chance to Dream, to Feel, be Joyful. DARE TO BE YOU!

Tapping into your
Creative Emotions

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