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DARE to Take that Unspoken Dream Seriously

Dare to Be YOU!
Spread Your Wings and Fly

"Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission."
  - Julia Cameron

  Do you know in your heart that the time is right to begin a new path in life?

  Are you ready to empower yourself to make life changes and overcome your fears and beliefs that hold you back day in, day out, week in, week out, month on month?

  Are you willing to discover and experience your essence, that unique spark you know yourself to be deep down inside?

  Do you yearn for a space where you will feel safe and heard whilst you explore what it is you really want for yourself?

Our lives are the vehicles that teach us how to fly. Yet, we can be so sidetracked by the facts of our lives that we forget we have wings.

"You really do help me to open my eyes and I feel empowered and inspired.

I feel investment in mentoring with you is one of the best decisions in my life :-) Thank you!"

Inga Krastina, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & EFT Leicester

"I Have Been Given The Gift of Flight"

".... all my life I’ve been holding myself in checked anticipation as if bracing myself against collapse and danger. Never relaxing or feeling calm, rarely feeling any control or confidence in how I express, conduct, present myself, having no faith or trust in the decision I make for myself and about others ...."  

"I’ve never felt so strong or trusted myself so much, no more self-doubt for me I can do anything and everything is possible."

Deborah Lynch, West Hallam,Derbyshire  

Working with me you can ...

Take a Heart Centred Approach to .....

  Remove blocks, resistance and the old limitations that have been preventing you from achieving your dreams.

  Gain clarity and focus on what really matters to you and what you'd like to have in your life.

  Definitely and gently transform your life.

  Have the confidence and courage to follow your dreams and live life on your terms.

  Learn to listen to your intuition and inner guidance and follow your bliss!

  Invest in yourself and your future now.

  Take time for YOU, your vision, your heart, your soul.


Working in this way is very special

"It can change your life - no question about it"
Carla Williams talking about our work together after her Firewalk on April 20th 2012

"Since doing the firewalk I feel like I can do anything (within reason) - but more importantly it's the EFT ... that is what has gotten me to this stage ... Two years ago if you had said to me, You will walk on fire or have a root canal filling and fulfill my dream of taking my driving test and passing on the second attempt I would have said no way possible. Even the simple every day things like supermarket shopping were a 'no, no'

Don't get me wrong, I still get nervous but then so does 99% of the human race. That's quite normal' - Its how you deal with it at the time."

Carla Williams, Beauty Therapist, Worksop, Notts


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